TVS-2018 論文得獎名單


作者-Deng-Li Ko1, Jie Jiang, Yu-Hong Lai1, Ying-Hao Chu1

題目-Mechanically Tunable Nonlinear Dielectrics

作者-林佑錩、林彥谷 *、許良境、彭柏洋、陳三元

題目-Probing the Mechanism of Modified ZnO Nanorod Photoanode for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting




作者-Li-Hao Chen, Kai-Shiang Yang, Yan-Gu Lin*, Chi-Liang Chen*

題目-Studying The Plasmon-Induced Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activity Of Au Nanoparticle-Decorated Hollow Mesoporous TiO2 From The Viewpoint Of X-ray Spectroscopy

作者-Guan-Min Huang1, Tsung-Chun Tsai1, Chun-Wei Huang1, and Wen-Wei Wu1

題目- Dynamic Observation of Reversible Lithium Storage Phenomenon in Co3O4/CNTs Hybrid Devices

作者-Ching-Chen Chang1, Yu-Ze Chen1, Ping-Jung Chen1, Hao-Chung Kuo2, and Yu-Lun Chueh1*

題目- Phase-Engineered Type-II Multi-Metal-Selenide Heterostructures Toward Low-Power-Consumption, Flexible, Transparent and Wide-Spectrum Photoresponse Photodetectors

作者-Ting-Yi Lin1*, Yong-Long Chen1, Chia-Fu Chang1, Guan-Min Huang1, Chun-Wei Huang1, Cheng-Yu Hsieh2, Yu-Chieh Lo1, and Wen-Wei Wu1

題目- In-situ investigation of Defect-free Copper Nanowire Growth

作者-Kuo-Lun Tai†, Chun-Wei Huang†Guan-Min Huang†, Wen-Wei Wu†

題目- Nanosculpting of atomic-layers MoS2

作者-Yung-Huang Chang1*, Yuan-Tsung Chen2, Bo-Han Chen2

題目- Tunable Band Gap Energy from As-Grown WSxSey Monolayer

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