TVS-2023 論文得獎名單





作者-Jheng-Yi Li1 (李政頤), Ta-Cheng Wei1, Po-Hsuan Hsiao1, Tsung-Yen Wu1, and Chia-Yun Chen1,2*

題目-Modulation of Interface Dipoles of PEDOT:PSS/SiOx/Si Hybrid Photodetectors via Interface Engineering

作者-Max Fulton1* (傅晨哲), Hsiu-Wei Cheng1

題目-The study of electrowetting and SEI of LiTFSI, NaTFSI, KTFSI by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and home-made vacuum system

作者-Leh-Ping Chang (張樂平), Fan-Yi Ouyang*

題目-Effect of substrate bias on the thermal stability of (111)-oriented nanotwinned Ag films

作者-Bo-Sheng Chen1 (陳柏聖) and Ying-Hao Chu1*

題目-Antiferromagnetism in NiO Intercalated Muscovite

作者-Wei-Cheng Chang1 (張偉晟), Fan-Yi Ouyang2*

題目-The effect of radiation damage in nanotwinned high entropy thin film with the investigation of synchrotron radiation.



作者-Shu-Hua Kuo1, Ying-Hao Chu1*

題目-Fabrication of superconductive muscovite via MgB2 intercalation


題目-Investigation of (GA)x(MA)1-xPbI3 perovskite photovoltaic device

作者-Tsung-Yen Wu1* (吳宗諺), Chia-Yuan Chen1,2 (陳嘉勻)

題目-Bio-inspired intercalated MnPS3 with multiple layers coupled with Si featuring ultrasensitive UV photodetection performances

作者-Chuan Chuang(莊荃) 1†, and Ying-Hao Chu(朱英豪) 1*

題目-Fabrication of Bi2O2S Epitaxial Thin Films and Their Novel Optical Properties

作者-Y.C. Su1* (蘇雍琦), Y.C. Chiu1, W.C. Hung1, X.H. Diao1, Y.L. Huang1

題目-Polar orthorhombic phase stabilization of Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 by inserting seed layer of HfO2 and ZrO2





作者-作者 林冠含1*、陳嘉勻1

題目-Exploring the Efficacy of Synaptic Graphene/PMMA Wrapped SiO2 Nanoflakes as Reliable Phototransistors for Energy-Efficient Artificial Intelligence Systems

作者-Y.C. Chiu1* (邱彥承), Y.C. Su1, W.C. Hung1, X.H. Diao1, Y.L. Huang1

題目-Enabling low coercive voltage in Hf0.5Zr0.5O2/BaTiO3 heterostructure via double ferroelectric coupling


題目-Transparent solar cells based on hole-transport improvement of PbS quantum dots

作者-Po-Hsuan Hsiao1 and Chia-Yun Chen1,2*

題目-Designing an optical-induced hole doping 0D/2D heterostructures with a trap configuration endowed charge carrier dissociation promotion

作者-Shang-Jui, Chiu1 (邱上睿), Liang-Ching, He1, and Yan-Gu, Lin1

題目-Study of crystal and surface state by X-ray diffraction Technology in TLS BL17B1

作者-C.W. Hsu1 (許宸維), T.W. Kuo2, W.K. Ye2, P.H. Wu2, H.F. Huang2, Y.Z. Chen1,Y.L. Chueh2*

題目-Dual improvement in sensitivity and stability for ppb-level detection of NOx by 2D-SnSe2 grown by plasma-assisted chemical vapor reaction

作者-Kuan-Yi Kuo (郭冠毅)1* and Chia-Yun Chen (陳嘉勻)1,2*

題目-Trap-assisted photomultiplication-based NIR photodetector via (FeNiCoCu)Ox multicomponent metal oxide as blocking layer


題目-CoFe-MOFs nanolayer on oxygen-vacancy-rich BiVO4 photoanode for high efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting

作者-Yu-Chang Lin (林佑錩)1, Chun-Kuo Peng (彭俊國)2, Wei-Tsung Chuang (莊偉綜)1, Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)1, *

題目-Generating Zhang-Rice Singlet States via Two-Step Oxidation to Initiate Water Oxidation under Operando Conditions

作者-Hong Li (李鴻) and Chia-Yun Chen (陳嘉勻)*

題目-Unveiling the monolayer colloid carbon quantum dots enabling outstanding silicon-based photodetectors



作者-Fu-Gow Tarntair, Chen-Wei Su and Ray-Hua Horng

題目-Study on the Properties of N-type Gallium Oxide Schottky Diodes Epitaxy Growth by MOCVD

作者-詹珮慈 1、陳嘉勻1,2*

題目-Flexible non-volatile photomemory based on organic FETs with SiO2 nanoflakes as floating gate design

作者-Ta-Cheng Wei (魏大程)1, Chih-Chien Wang (王智乾) 1 and Chia-Yun Chen (陳嘉勻)1,2*

題目-Introducing the dual phases of vanadium oxide as transparent carrier-selective contact for performance improvement of Si-based organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells

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