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International Workshop on Multidisciplinary Research

(in conjunction with the TVS-2017 Annual Symposium)



This workshop welcomes articles of multidisciplinary research through the Material Growth, Device Fabrication, Optical Coating, and Chemical Synthesisby the vacuum techniques.

We welcome the contributions on a diverse range of the Topics include but not limited to the Solid State Lighting, Bio-Engineering, Functional Materials, Solar Cells, Optomechantronic, Precision Manufacturing, Biophysics, and Chemical Industry.

Organization (Host* and Sponsors)

Taiwan Vacuum Society (TVS)*, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Department of Photonics (DPs), NCKU.


  • TVS-2017 Program at a glance : pdf
  • Workshop Scheduled : 13:00 ~ 17:35 (Fri) Oct. 27, 2017

Invited Speakers (sorted by Last Name,  ---  Abstracts previewing)

KobayashiLiu WRLiu WSParkSeongStampflTakakuwaTosaWatanabeYu


  • Tzu-Chang Campus, NCKU, Tainan City, Taiwan

         (Direction ---> 台南市成功大學自強校區電機系館)


  • Zenda Suites (成大會館) : ---> ZendaSuites 
    • The hotel is located at the most busy campus of the university and there is shopping area within two minutes walking distance.
    • The rooms for the Invited Speakers accommodating two nights in Oct. 26-28 (2017) for this Workshop will be reserved. Please contact with the TVS-2017 secretariat via the e-mail to: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 for confirming the accommodation and if there is further question.


  • Program Committee  (Chair*)

Hsiang-Chen Wang* (CCU), Chia-Yun Chen (NCKU), Yu-Lun Chueh (NTHU), Yan-Gu Lin (NSRRC), Hsin-Ying Lee (NCKU), Ray-Hua Horng (NCTU), Gao-Yu Hsiung (NSRRC)

  • Local Committee  (Chair*)

Hsin-Ying Lee* (NCKU),Sherry Tsao (TVS)

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